Garage Grind

Salty A's First Garage Grind will be this Saturday March 31.  It will begin at 10 AM at David Millers Garage ( 688 Temple Hill Circle, Bountiful.    Please plan on attending and adding your insight  to each situation that arises.  Then the club will move along to Chuck Evans' ( 489 East 250 North Bountiful ) then Roy Van Ormans'  ( 270 East  100 South Bountiful ) and end our trip to Don Youngbloods' garage( 1135 West 650 North ).
Tell Dave Chuck , Roy and Don for  hosting this even and allowing to see their protects.  
Please come and add to the conversations and maybe learn some new ideas or ways to work on your vehicle. 

Lance....I found the  you can see by the date it was on earlier this week.

I am still doing some digging to see what it did not post.  I went to recent activity to find it.