Meeting Minutes

  Held on: March 18th, 2019   Located at: Larry Miller Ford
  • Welcoming & Opening Remarks by Dawn Cox.
  • Approval of minutes of the February meeting.
  • Approval of February Financial Report.

                        Starting Balance: $3,292.30

Ending Balance: $3388.22

  • Dave Miller, the Quiz Master

Question 1: What is the firing order of the Ford Model A engine?

Answer: Cylinders 1 – 2 – 4 – 3

Question 2: What year is attributed to the first tow truck?

Answer: 1916

  • Scheduling event for the coming year by Dawn Cox

(Questionnaire sent around on scheduling items and technical interests)

May 4th (Saturday)  at 10:00am “Dust Off”

May 9th thru 11th , 150th anniversary Promintory Point. No cars allowed at the reenactment.  $27.00 for bus from Ogden Car Club.

May 25th (Saturday) Custom Car Show and Swap Meet at Miller Race Way and then visit Mel.

Kennecott's Web Site is not clear on their opening date.  It is listed as this spring.

Dec 2nd (Monday) 7:00pm - Christmas Party – Bruce Suggested Paradise Buffet 4500 South State, Murry, Club price $14.00 per person.

  • Technical Forum:  (Body Work) by Roy VanOrman
  • 3 T’s (Time, Tools, Tenacity)
  • His saying “An hour a day for the Model A)
  • His tools are all “Old School” accept his grinder with 35 grit paper
  • Bondo is the replacement for lead which was originally used.
  • His tools; Hammers, Heavy Betters, Dollies, Bull Nose Pick and Picks
  • He hates to sand so he takes his parts to the sand blaster.
  • He brought is a front fender to work on.
  • Can use grinder but in some cases he prefers hand sanding for better control of material removal.
  • His favorite sanding back-up is and old piece of carpet backing.
  • He has collected and made his own dollies, one from a piece of steering rod welded to a piece of flat iron.  He also has a piece of flat stock about 5” X 2-1/2” X ¾” with a piece of pipe welded on the back to hold on to.
  • To work out a flat spot in the metal put it on the floor.
  • You need to weld before you put all your Bondo on.
  • Wear an apron when doing Bondo
  • Showed how to use Bondo and opened it up to those that want to try it.
  • Drawing: Annette Peterson was the big winner.
  • Refreshments furnished by Earl Price
  • Attendance: Lance Andrewsen, Wayne Askew, Robert Bennion, BruceBoggess, Michael Branan, Kory Brower, Barbara Cates, Hal Cates, Dawn Cox, Chuck Evans, James Hutchings & Son, Rod Hutchings, Sam Korologos, Lawrence Laxman, Mel Meads, David Miller, Bruce Orchard, Annette Peterson, Carl Peterson, BillGilles Gentil,  Poel, Earl Price, Clayton Stauffer,  Dennis Walker, Don Youngblood, Gilles Gentil, Michael Branan

Reminder - Club membership past due. contact Bruce Boggess with questions  801-255-7473

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